Dell vom Kemnader See

Bar Atlantic`sTrue Trademark X Gloria von Helvesiek



Richter: D. Brown Erkrath-Hochdahl


Lovely type of beagle, moving soundly, nice head and expression, good bone and substance throughout, good quatres, hocks well down, moving very well.

Bewertung: V


Richter: Ch. Watson LG Rheinland

very attractive tricolour bitch of good conformation, happy dispositio and exceedingly goodmovement, nice dark intelligent eye.

Bewertung: V2


Richter: S. Tutchener

excellent very free driving movement, rather plain head but good dark eye, very good depth of flew, well laid long leathers, sufficient reach of neck, good shoulder placement, level topline, well muscelled throughout, correct tail carriage.

Bewertung: V4


Richter: Pagliero

Offene Klasse

excellent type of beagle in size, proportions and balance, put down in nice hard condition, looked well standing aun moved with the freeeasy gait of the breed.

Bewertung: V1 VDH_CHA CAC-Res.